Elbow @ Eden

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And if it’s all we only pass this way but once
What a perfect waste of time

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And as the Eden Sessions 2014 came to an emotionally charged end with Elbow doing what they do best, I couldn’t think of a better waste of time than a karaoke evening with 5000 people.

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No I’m not being facetious, I sang my face(tious) off. With a smattering of songs from their latest album The Take Off and Landing of Everything including My Sad Captains and New York Morning, it was a pleasure to my ears. The rest of the set saw them pulling out popular hits from their extensive back catalogue, with a particularly impressive light show to accompany Mirrorball.

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But when all is said and done, I draw the line at ‘synchronised’ clapping. Audiences, you are not percussionists. Please don’t do it again. Thanks.

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Even if you don’t particularly like Elbow’s music, which is of course your prerogative, I defy you not to like the affable front man. He opens every one of his BBC6 music shows with “I’m Guy Garvey, the lead singer of Elbow”, as if there may be some listeners in radio land that have been living under a stone. For a rock star not to make assumptions about his listeners, or to not have an ego bigger than a small continent, is something of an achievement in itself.

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He’s intelligent and articulate, with an ear for a good tune, and he genuinely appears to be a lovely bloke.
Yes of course, it’s a bromance.

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Keep on rocking in the free world!

Elbow- ‘Grounds For Divorce’ (Dir. Dan Sully) from Dan Sully on Vimeo.

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Bude Cleaner Seas

Here is a film I have just finished for The Bude Cleaner Seas Project. They are making a positive contribution to the cleanliness of the water in some of the places I surf. The project by Volunteer Cornwall aims to use the power of local people to keep our sea waters cleaner by addressing the quality of river water as it flows to the ocean.

bude cleaner seas

Izzy Hamilton a team GB windsurfer and Kit Innes a competitive surfer from Widemouth discuss how they are affected by pollution. For those who spend a significant part of their lives in the water the state of our seas is of prime importance. Izzy and Kit both gave relaxed and informative interviews that are heartfelt and poignant and speak directly to other sea users to empower them to make a difference.

Ian Saltern who manages the project explains some of the ways that as individuals and businesses we can make a change for the better.

Bude Cleaner Seas Izzy Hamilton

Filming was a great experience, from the start I wanted to allow the viewer space and time to feel the beauty of a cornish dawn in early summer. There is a freshness and hope in the first rays that I think we captured. Apex aerial imaging helped to get the beautiful views of the river over Bude Marshes. We were in place at 5 am waiting for the light to land on the river and were filming seconds after.

The music is ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ by Arvo Pärt, performed by Markus Staab, the title means mirrors in mirrors. The tintinabular minimalism worked for me with the longer takes, and also says something about circles and waves and life.

Many thanks to Avril Sainsbury of eight design for producing and guidance, and many thanks to you for watching.



The Bude Cleaner Seas Project from Lee Robertson on Vimeo.


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The Man Who Eats Badgers

A BBC production? Set on Bodmin Moor? Deep communication problems?

No, it isn’t the recent adaptation of Jamaica Inn that was cursed with sound problems, but Wonderland: The Man Who Eats Badgers and Other Strange Tales by documentary film maker Daniel Vernon. First broadcast in January 2008, it tells the story of several men who all live a relatively isolated life on the Moor. But look a little deeper and there are deep running communication issues with the women in their lives. Bodmin Moor is sometimes the cause, and sometimes the escape from these problems. Once you get past the Arthur, the headline act, there are some suprisingly sensitive and powerful moments. The folk who I know have seen this have all loved it.

Below is just a taster, the full programme can be found here on YouTube.

It lasts about 38 minutes so get a cuppa, a nice biscuit (maybe a Fox’s…) and settle in. Be warned, as the title suggests, there are some “unusual” ingredients, as well as a dash of colourful language.

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It all began on the other side of the world: a 4 month stint of South American wandering and a desire to capture the moment in her own style gave Vicki Jones the inspiration to kick start her #dailydrawing series – undertstated, sketched moments presented on her instagram feed to an appreciative (and growing) global audience.

Vicki is a young yet highly accomplished illustrator, designer and surfer based in Bristol. She turns her talented hand from play to work with gusto – her portfolio of design work includes names such as Hurley, Nikita and Billabong.

She’s spent a year in Newquay, and tonight she kicks off an exhibition featuring a selection of her #dailydrawing series, at the illustrious Cafe Irie on Fore Street.

I caught up with Vicki for an all-too-brief chat… but I’m sure we’ll hear more from her down the line.

Do you still devote time to your art every day?

Yes I do, I feel I haven’t achieved everything I wanted to in a day if I don’t. I find it a therapeutic practice to do a drawing everyday as compliment to my freelance design work, a way to relax and to wind down at the end of the day. That said – it’s been almost impossible to do any drawing in the last couple of weeks as I’ve just returned from Glastonbury. As much as I had all the good intentions to do artwork while I was there, it just didn’t happen! Maybe a break every now and again isn’t always such a bad thing though!

It sounds like you had a bit of an epiphany out in South America…

You could call it that. To me, travelling does amazing things – in my mind it removes you from your comfort zone and allows space to breathe and gain a sense of perspective. It forces you to re-evaluate your life, values, what makes you happy, what drives you and ultimately what you want to do with your life and why. I went to South America on an open-ended journey, it was something I had to do, and I returned with a sense of purpose and vision. South America is a continent abundant in energies of the past, present and future, and on a whole the people are more in tune with themselves and the movements of the earth and the universe. Being exposed to this made me think about humanity as a whole and where we fit into it’s complexities. The more you see of the world and everything living in it, the more you realise that we are all in this together. It’s easy to feel helpless and insignificant when faced with todays problems on this planet, and that one person can’t make a difference to the world. I realised that discovering your passion is the first step. As long as one can pursue this regardless of what is thrown ones way, that energy is contagious and inspires others. It doesn’t have to be far reaching. I believe that even if I put a smile on one persons face in a day, it’s all worth it. After all, with enough time and energy, ripples turn into waves. It’s a long old slog and following your dream doesn’t always guarantee a healthy bank balance but it will fill you a sense of satisfaction that money can never bring. It might be a cliche, but everything one could ever want or need in this life is within reach, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.


You’ve obviously found instagram a very useful medium for your work…

Absolutely, Instagram has been pivotal in the development of my working practice in the last year. I’m not a huge social media user but because of the visual nature of Instagram, I found it particularly lends itself to art. It’s a brilliant way of putting work out into the world. Essentially it is a digital exhibition space potentially open to an audience of millions! I didn’t join Instagram with this intention however, I started just posting my photography. The drawing and artwork I did put up, people started to comment on more and more, and I realised that actually my artwork had more of a positive reaction than anything else, so I started to post more of that. Whilst travelling, it’s hard to get access to a scanner to scan pieces to post online, so it was way to get my work out of the sketchbook for people to see. The feedback I received from people all over the world was very encouraging, and it’s always a confidence boost to know that your work is being appreciated! From posting my work up on Instagram, some interesting commissions and collaborations have come my way too. A whole international community of artists are at your fingertips and Instagram makes it easy to connect with them. I love also looking at other galleries and seeing what other creatives are up too, it’s a vast and unending source of inspiration.

Beyond #dailydrawing, what’s next?

Well I’d like to carry on the with the drawing project and develop it. I’ve been thinking #dailypainting might be next on the cards! Aside from this, I’m currently moving to Bristol and setting up studio there. Lots more exciting freelance design work with some awesome clothing brands on the horizon, as well as collaborations and more exhibitions. I also want to start my own range of environmentally friendly and organic textiles/surfwear. Whatever I’m up to – the best place to see it all is Instagram – find me at vicki_jones29, and see you there! VJ.

The #dailydrawing exhibition begins tonight, from 7pm – 10pm, and runs until the 31st of August.

Vicki Jones
Web | Instagram | Facebook

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Hickory Nines | Summer Playlister 2014


Dog days and festival fever have meant this is a little late to the party. But happy summer everyone! Here’s our summer playlist, lovingly compiled by many of the team.

Hope it soundtracks some warm and worthy times!

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Where To Next?

As I write this we are in the clutches of a fat, baked, lazy, summer flat spell. The surf is super clean and about half an inch high.
Riding my bike is keeping me sane and fit, well, relatively sane and relatively fit. But that is only going to work for so long and gradually I can feel the gnawing need for waves tap, tap, tapping at my soul. But years of painful experience have also taught me that wave riding and mother nature are fickle and trixy mistresses and I must be patient. It will change, the waves will return, just try to enjoy where you are and what you are doing.

During these fallow periods I generally try to avoid taunting myself further by watching vids or reading mags but this little gem really caught me straight from the off. I couldn’t help but have a sneaky peak and oh my lord was I glad I did! I really don’t care if you harbor an irrational dislike for us spongers or not, if you have any appreciation of wave riding on any craft then you can’t help but delight in this visual feast. To add to that this film made me immensely proud that this piffling annoyance of a pass time that I love so much could produce something quite so stunning.
So grab yourself a brew, sit back and let this cinematic treat mop your fevered brow…….It won’t be long, the waves will return…..

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I really look up to Jeff Hamada. Six years ago he brought Booooooom.com into being, and it’s now one of the most accessible and popular ‘art blogs’ out there, receiving millions of unique visits every month.

What I truly respect about Jeff  is that he has the most unpretentious & rootsy ethos – Booooooom provides him with a platform from which to launch open art-based projects which offer an opportunity for even the most unrealised artists and closet creatives to discover and put into motion a talent they may have but were perhaps not yet aware of.
This makes Booooooom much more than simply a successful art blog. Long live Jeff.

In this latest collaboration with Herschel Supply Co (who, I might add, have a great instagram feed: @herschelsupply) Jeff is once again opening up the field, by asking budding and established artists to draw a person, place, or thing that’s had a positive impact upon their life, and then writing a few sentences about it. The stories are just as key as the drawings themselves. Submissions will be viewable on instagram via the hashtag #drawingonthepast, and selected entries may even find themselves on a gallery wall in Vancouver. And everyone is welcome to enter – full details on how to submit your work can be found here.

Andrea Wan

Last word should be from Jeff himself, because I feel this sentence sums up Booooooom.com succinctly and perfectly:

“Communicating, sharing ideas, the fact that Booooooom is about art is secondary to it being about connecting with people.” (read the full interview in Huh Magazine here)

Booooooom.com | Herschel Supply Co | Andrea Wan


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A film about all round creative Ig Wilkinson by Tom Kirkman. A life in the remote Hartland Peninsula.

Using hand processed out of date 16mm surveillance film Tom has created a short that belies the subjects interest in reusing material.

Poetic, artistic and composed it is a very watchable portrait of Ig.

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A Thin Line

I recently read an article on Inertia by this dude who hated just about everything. He was anti single fins, anti finless, even anti short shorts! I mean this guys was slating just about everything that I hold dear. He was basically taking a dislike to the non mainstream or alternative side to surfing.

Why? I asked myself. Since the ‘hipster’ term started getting bandied about as a negative it has been used to lazily describe people doing different things. I guess the term should describe people doing things because they think it’s trendy rather than for their own reasons or enjoyment.

I have been riding different kinds of boards and wearing different kinds of clothes for years, it’s just part of my makeup. Now people have got a cute name for alternative culture it can be seen by some as a bad thing.

I love all kinds of surfboards. I started to love them as soon I started to understand them. I also love the way we now have so many varied sleds to choose from although this comes with its own set of problems.

Always for me the most important factor in board selection is the way it felt under my feet. I’m not going pay 500 odd quid for a trendy posing stick that feels like I’m surfing a door. That’s not to say I don’t care what my boards look like either. It has to start with performance. The thing has to go good in what it is designed to go in. Not all boards are designed to do the same job. A wee little performance thruster is great in steep beachies but that thruster would be crap on a small mellow point break. So variety is needed.

I’m just worried that these days there is a danger that fashion and trends could overpower the fundamental reason we surf – to have fun riding waves. If we start riding boards just because of their aesthetic or because some famous dude was riding one we are missing the point. Different people have different styles and, indeed, surf for different reasons and these differences will always require different kinds of equipment. We got to make sure we don’t fall into the trend trap.

Here are some people riding all kinds of surf kraft.

A variety of Fellow boards here.

Todays surf report

Looks a little lumpy but I’m gonna get in.

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What are Wednesdays all about?

I used to think it’s that limbo day between recovery and the weekend but now I live in Cornwall and it’s just another day in paradise. Talking of paradise here is a video about another one, a little warmer and sunnier but no more awesome than our own slice right here.

Here is my favourite bit of ‘Morning of the Earth’, might even be the same waves as above!

Turns out Wednesdays are all about watching surf vids and getting your stoke on for a rare day of surf tomorrow!

Todays surf report

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

Photo of the day

Some surfboards on a roof

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