Get out there and get one

For me November has always been a bewildering time of year. Nearing the end of another ‘shoulda woulda coulda’ 12 months, and so it begins, a period of pensiveness, reflection, melancholy for what hasn’t been, and eventually an unfaltering and naive optimism for what might be in the year ahead.

It’s a time to think of the waves I didn’t catch, that blue 7’2 single fin I didn’t get to ride and that inspired summer suit I was just too seasonably late to debut. There were the camper trips we didn’t make time for, beach days we waited too long for the “right weather” for, and the dawnys we were just a little too tired for.

Then of course there was the first family camp of the year, not telling my brother-in-law he shouldn’t tuck his wetsuit into his boots, watching my sisters face as she caught her first ever wave, falling in love with it just like I did.

As much as there is to wish had been different, there is twice as much to be grateful for, and there is always inspriation to be found. The late Barry ‘Magoo’ McGuigan, probably the oldest competitive surfer in the world before he sadly passed away, his thoughts were unassuming, his aspirations simple and his motivation inspiring, he thought positively about surf, life, and his wife who gave him the desire to just keep on going.  Still Swell at 85 is his perception of being involved with surfing since  the advent of the sport and how surfing shaped his philosophy to life.

We could all use a little Magoo in our lives, to find the time to do things, to not spend too much time pondering what has gone and what could have been, and to just “get out there and get one”.

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Bass Drum of Death

In preparation for the seasonal playlist (published soon) here is a band that has my juices flowing currently. VERY much enjoying this band right now…

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The Cruel & Curious Sea II – Film #1

There are a couple of videos in the pipeline documenting our recent return to the barns of Stowe Barton for The Cruel & Curious Sea II exhibition.

This is the first, a great little edit by Jessica at Shimnix Sessions, featuring a soundtrack from our good friends, StringerBessant.

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Keep On Pushin’

I’m ashamed to say this is four months old. Not sure how I missed it but I did, like a big nit-wit. It is a true delight especially for an ageing skateboarder like me who recognises some heroes of his generation like Barbee, Natas, Hensley, Duffy, Dressen, Markovich and Salman Agah.

Just to make this short even f*ckin’ cooler; the narration at the start is Ian MacKaye.

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Departure Delayed

John John and friends, enough said….

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I was a Skate Rat

Well this about sums it all up….. Super nice vibe.

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The Town that Hippies Built

There’s a great new series in the offing from Huck magazine, Huck across America, taking a fresh look at what the American Dream means to those on the fringes.
It starts off in Ward, Colorado: a town that the Hippies built.

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California Summer

Bit of an old one from RVCA. But it’s of Alex Knost and it’s of California and just guess where I’m heading very soon?

Happy place.

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The cinematography alone is enough to evoke a puffed-chest out of those with even the most tenuous Celtic lineage. Figure in the frankly mind-bending exploits of Danny MacAskill on the Cuillin Ridgeline in his native Skye, and you have a video that’s undoubtedly going to be in your Facebook feed for weeks.

No question – Danny MacAskill is one spokey-dokey short of a full rainbow set.
Long may this be the case.

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